Friday, July 24, 2009

Ok, so its the 24th of July and I'm just writing about the 11th...oh well. My side of the family has an annual BBQ for the fourth of July. This year we weren't able to do it on the fourth so we had it on the 11th. LOTS of good food was eaten and it was good to see everyone again. Below is "Mimi" with her little EG, Emily, and Shane.

I had to get one of EG by herself.

Mom took one of me and Tom. Isn't Tom's outfit snazzy? Mom said Daddy had one in the 70s...I can not imagine my father in shorts much less plaid shorts!

That night Cyd and David had an informal dinner party for my "Fayette County friends" :) to celebrate our wedding! Cydney did all the food herself and it was wonderful! We also took a great group picture but my camera died right before then! I will get someone to email it to me. Below is me and Tom from the party.

Hope everyone has a great weekend!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

I haven't written in a while but we have been PARTY HOPPING. Two year old's birthday parties that is...First up was Tom's nephew, Elliott. He was SOOO excited to tell us he was TWO and we were going to have CAKE! Tom's sister Laura made him a strawberry cake (to die for!) with farm animals on top. However, Elliott didn't want anyone to EAT the cake; he only wanted to play with it!

This is the Cary family: Mark, Laura, Fontana, Ethan and Elliott.

Tom's sister, Linda, giving Ethan some kisses. I love that smile Ethan has!

More party guests: Marta, Elliott, Tom and Polly.

The next two year old party was for my best friend's daughter, Avery. I still can't believe she has a child, much less a two year old! I keep begging her to wait a little while on getting pregnant again so we can be at the same time..hehe! Avery is not one for pictures so I didn't get a very good one of her. This is about all I got!

Here are some of the party guests enjoying pizza.

Below is Julie with her two sisters and mother.

This is of Charles with his two brothers.

She may not like pictures but she was definitely enjoying opening the presents!

I love kids' parties and can't wait to be having one for ours!! :)