Thursday, April 15, 2010

All over the place

First Top Three Thursday is on the top three restaurants you like to eat....can I only pick three???

I'm going to have to do four. Cheater. I know. My all time favorite chain restaurant, On the Border, I'm not going to really count. I love to try local restaurants but this chain brings me in again and again and I don't understand why!!!! Could it be the cheese, chips and more cheese??

So, on to my top three...if you aren't from Memphis, this may not be much fun.

1. High Point Pizza

There is a small neighborhood in Memphis called High Point. It is actually where my husband grew up his whole life and where we are looking to move to. Within high point there is a small old strip center that holds a grocery store, cleaner, a cute gift shop, etc. It also holds High Point Pizza. I LOVE it. I love the atmosphere, the ranch dressing, the BBQ pizza, the chef salad, did I mention the ranch dressing? I can't wait to one day walk our children up there to enjoy.

2. Swanky's Taco Shop

Back to mexican, I know. Its my weakness. That and homemade ranch dressing, that is. I'm not sure if this is a national chain or not but I really don't care! You stand in line and order what you want fresh. Kinda a Mexican Subway, if you will. The salads are the best but everything I have had there has been good.

3. Buckley's

You may remember this is who catered our rehearsal dinner. It is a locally owned steak house. They also have a small lunch location for the "work" crowd. I love the steaks, the creamed spinach, the stuffed, this post is making me hungry!!! The wife of one of the owner's also is the one that does the paint parties that are sooo much fun.

Lots of stress in our world right now trying to find a buy smaller on a GREAT street or a little bigger on an OK street? Everyone always says location, location, location but I just don't know. What are ya'lls thoughts?


For Thoughtless Thursday, I decided to throw in an engagement picture from last year...just cause I like it :).