Friday, October 1, 2010

Dining Room

Today at Kelly's Korner, it's dining rooms! The past two show us your life's I've just linked to a previous post but I didn't have any pictures of my dining room! Maybe because its just not my favorite. We are still using the table I got right out of college from pier one. I just can't justify buying a new one yet but I have a feeling with Thomas on the way, we will be getting one soon.

We live in a East Memphis High Point Terrace home and if you are from Memphis, you know what that means...smaller rooms usually. Although we have a dining room, its just not that formal. If we are going to stay in this house past the first child, we have alot of remodel plans that will open this space up tremendously.

I have decorated a small bit for fall.

I love my place settings!

I don't completely love this look but they matched my napkins and the rest of the house so for now, it will do!

Here is the before (when the old owners lived here):

And just for are two of the latest bump pics. I feel like I look sooo huge!

Have a great Friday!!!