Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Top Two Tuesday...beauty secrets

I tried to think of the first two things right off the top of my head so these might be a little random.

1. Everyone probably already knows this but I just realized how true it is! There IS a difference in cheaper drugstore mascara and the more pricey department store. I was a tried and true "there is no difference" believer UNTIL my best friend left her lancome mascara at my house...(yes, a little gross to use someone else's mascara but she is my best friend!)

Lancome was SOO much better than my normal cover girl. I wear contacts so sometimes my eyes get irritated. They were irritated MUCH less than when I wore the cover girl also! The wand was better, the quality was better, IT IS JUST BETTER. And no, I don't work for Lancome :).

2. Do you love the long wear lipsticks but hate how they dry out your lips? Just put vaseline on them everynight before bed. Common sense, but it works wonders!

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