Thursday, May 30, 2013

Rhode Island

Memorial day weekend we went to Rhode Island for our niece's wedding. It was a beautifiul wedding and a great time...but I didn't stick to my diet at all! AND I didn't work out once. Yesterday I stuck to my calories and I'm hoping to at least do yoga today.

Now for a recap of our weekend. We left Friday morning (6 am!). This is my airplane attire.

After a connection in Charlotte we made it to Rhode Island about lunch time. We went to the only place we could walk to, a TGI Friday...nothing healthy was eaten here. I wanted a picture of us. My husband really did not understand a selfie.

That night I helped to throw a shower for the bride with my four sisters in law. Below is the bride and her bridesmaids.
The bride, her sisters and her mom (Tom's sister).

Bridesmaids in the robes the bride gave as presents. How cute!

Sarah is a notorious thumb sucker so this picture was a must.
The next day was the rehearsal lunch at The Rhino Bar in Newport.

NOW he's starting to get the hang of selfies.

Tom and his sisters

The food was delicious!


After lunch we went to tour the Breakers, a summer mansion the Vanderbilts had. Really? Who lived like that? Well, guess the Vanderbilts did.

Saturday night we met some extended family at a bar for dinner and then Tom and I went out for the grizzlies game. Somehow my outfit was the only picture I got?
Finally, Sunday was the wedding. Tom had a little trouble tieing his bow tie so our nephew stepped in.
I LOVE a seersucker suit and bowtie.

I was all excited to match Tom and all anyone noticed was Tom and Ben matching! Boo!

The wedding was at Warwick Country Club. It was gorgeous!!

Could you get any more beautiful?

I'll take this at my house. Please and Thank you.

Ok, so we worried about rain all day but it was so beautiful. Until 2 minutes before the ceremony. It started sprinkling...

Whcih led to a full on pouring...everyone got soaked.

But could it have led to a more perfect wedding picture?

If you have never seen an 85 year old woman dancing to Thrift shop, this is a must see. This is our Aunt Janice. I can only hope I'm half as fun as she is when I'm her age.



Thursday, May 23, 2013

For all the internets to see...

So I can't believe I'm going to put it all out there. Right here right now.

In 2002 I came home from Jamaica weighing 165 pounds. I thought I was HUGE. I vowed then to never weigh that much again. Yea. Well. This morning, 200.4.

I wouldn't say it "snuck" up on me. But it did. When I met Tom (2007), I was around 172ish....over our courtship, we ate, we drank, we ate and we drank some more. On my wedding day (2009) I was 205. The heaviest I had ever been...

I was worked at losing and got down to around 188ish. Then I was so happy to get pregnant with my little boo boo (2010).

Well real life has happened again. I'm back to 200 and I want to start using this blog as my accountability! (let's see if I post again, ha.) So here's to a new start!

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