Tuesday, January 12, 2010


The day of the rehearsal dinner Marta, Cathy, Polly, Marta's friend Valerie, Valerie's daughter Kate, and Cydney joined me for some pampering and lunch. We got manis and pedis, sipped mimosas, and then ate at a neat place next door to the spa.

It was great because I know if I was left alone all day, I would have been going stir crazy. I was so ready for everything to be there!

Thanks for helping me calm down ladies!

MINI crisis

The DAY before the rehearsal dinner, the place where we were to get married AND have our rehearsal called to say that they had booked the venue for the night of the rehearsal for another wedding! I was a nervous wreck! However, our wedding party was great and came in for a rehearsal the Thursday before!

Our flower girl, ringbearer, and dog carrier :)

Eliza Grace and Elliott LOVED the fountain. I am certain they are going to be married one day. :)

Our moms

Not an Artist!

The Wednesday before the wedding, Tom's sister, Laura signed us all up for a paint party at Buckley's Lunchbox. Basically you just bring whatever food and/or drinks you want and the instructor teaches you step by step how to paint a certain picture. I am definitely not an artist but it was so much fun! The girls brought me a tiara to wear. Below is me with my MOH, Julie.

Tom's sisters, Linda and Laura

More sisters, Marta and Cathy

Tom's niece, Sarah was in town and got to come too! I am actually closer to her age than Tom's! (7 versus 8 years)

I think everyone had a good time!