Wednesday, June 5, 2013

No bueno...

Pretty Strong Medicine
No good news. This morning I was 200.4. However, I will say that I was not as strict as I wanted to be. I did get back into working out so I will count that for a win. Since Monday (wow, two whole days) I have stayed under my calories on My Fitness Pal and have done some sort of exercise.
20 minutes intervals on treadmill
5 minues bike
5 minutes stairmaster
45 minutes zumba
And YA'LL. I had never done the stairmaster before. I could only do 5 minutes! Sweat was literally pouring off of my head.
Today I did yoga. I really enjoy yoga but one of the main poses is downward dog. My shoulders and arms are the weakest part of my body so it is VERY hard for me. I decided to make it a challenge for the month of June.
1st 5 days: Hold downward dog for 1 minute
Each 5 days, I'm going to increase the pose time by 15 seconds. I should end at 2 minutes. That doesn't see like alot but I know it will be tough.
Beyond that my goals for the upcoming week are:
1. Workout 5 days
2. Allow only two cheat meals
3. Find a new healthy recipe
And just because he is cute.