Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Today's Wishful Wedesday is about wedding dresses! Oh, how much I have to say about this topic! From the day I started dating Tom until our wedding day, I gained 40 pounds, no joke, no exaggeration! So needless to say, my search for my wedding dress was more about finding something that looked OK with my weight gain. Here were some ideas I found.

I wanted sleeves because I was not happy with my new arms! I think I ended up doing pretty good... I just wish I could have lost some weight beforehand. However, nothing was going to stop me from marrying Tom as soon as possible!! :)

I may not have looked the way I wanted but I couldn't ask for a better marriage or husband!

Well, I will get back to the documentation of the rehearsal dinner/wedding later. I am missing too many fun blog things! Jessica at Love from Texas is doing a Tuesday list special. Today is what is on your wishlist... I am going to go for "never gonna get it" wishlist.

I would love a TAHOE!

For now, not gonna happen. I would also love a new HOUSE.


Ok, so that one is quite large but any size will do :) Finally, I would love an IPad! Tom complains about me being on my IPhone; I couldn't imagine how bad I would be with one of these!

Well, that's enough wishing for one day! :)