Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Top Two Tuesday...guilty pleasures

Top Two Tuesday is on your guilty pleasures. My first is an EASY one.

I LOVE the Young and the Restless. I dvr it everyday and watch it first thing when I get home. My mom started me on it when I think I was like 3. Seriously, one of my earliest memories was watching it! Tom actually made a comment last night that I am an intelligent woman, how could I watch that stuff? ha! I just love it for some reason!

My number two guilty pleasure is sonic milkshakes! With how hot it is in Memphis right now, I get one every other day. They are buy one, get one free!!

Head over to The Undomestic Momma to play! 

Mothers Day... a tad late

We had already found out we were pregnant by mothers day...so it was technically my first. :) It was a busy one too!

We started the day by going to a new church. We are trying out different churches to really try to find a church home for our family. After church, we headed to Tom's mom's assisted living for a mother's day brunch. It was very nice and it was just the two of us with his mom. With Tom's large family, it was nice to spend some alone time with her. I think she enjoyed showing off her "little" boy to all her friends too. (Tom's mom's face is still swollen from all the steroids they have her on.)

After the brunch, we headed to Jim's Place East (to eat again!) for an afternoon meal with Tom's whole family.

Me and Tom

Aunt Janice and Fontana

Polly opening all her goodies

Then, after Jim's Place we headed to the Collierville bowling alley for "mother's day bowling" with my family!

Mom and Eliza Grace

EG and Em bowling

I think Eliza Grace liked the game room better!

Busy as it was, I had a wonderful first mother's day and can't WAIT till next year when I have the little one!!!