Monday, April 19, 2010

Happy Monday!

We bought a house! Well, we have a contract on one and the inspection is scheduled for tomorrow. I'm super excited! It needs a lot of updating but it is on a street (cove actually) that I can see us on for a long time to come. We are the smallest house on the cove so we can always add on.

In preparation for this move, we have been cutting back our expenses. Especially since the second we move I know I am going to want the house "updated", like, immediately. :) I know this isn't possible but just keeping it real. Anyway, so I was going to cancel my gym membership that I DON'T use. The owner comes back with an offer to personal train me for two months FOR FREE. He is getting his license and wants a guinea pig. I thought about it and why not? I went to get measured today. My body fat percentage was at 29% and he said he wants to get it below 25%. He wants me to aim for only a ten pound weight loss in these two months...I told him ONLY?? It took me 7 months to lose 20. I'm all for 10 in 2! So tomorrow begins my journey....I will let you know if I can still walk.

I'm going to post a pic of the outside of the house but needs updating! We are going to remove the rodiron and put a wooden post. The second pic is of the exact same house floor plan but updated. We're not going to use the same color scheme though. I want to paint the brick a light brown, shutters a dark brown and trim an off white. See the last picture for the color scheme I'm talking about...and if its your house...sorry, take it as a compliment! ha!

Have a great week!