Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Revealment Party

As everyone knows by now, we are having a boy!!! We did not find out at the ultrasound. We had the tech put the results in an envelope and we opened it with our families that night at our revealment party! We had everyone either dress in blue or pink depending up on what gender they thought the baby was.

We had a few appetizers and some papa john's pizza, my favorite!! I could literally drink that garlic sauce. Oh and of course, Muddy's cupcakes were there too.

Tom's mom passed away the week before our party. She had been looking so forward to it. I found pictures of her in both pink and blue to put out. We also had a board with our favorite boy and girl names on it. We had everyone vote as they came in on their favorite name.

The girl votes:

And boy votes...Tom cheated, he wore a blue shirt with a pink tie :)

Its a boy!

I love this picture...its Tom showing everyone the baby's...manhood :)

The boy name that won was Thomas James Fontana, Jr. which is good because that is what we are going with! He will be called Thomas. We can't wait to meet him!