Wednesday, June 16, 2010

11 weeks today!

First I want to share some pics we had made for my mom's birthday and then a bumpdate!

I thought they turned out pretty good!

Ok, so I'm so stealing this from Life in the Fulmer Lane but I REALLY want some sort of scrapbook for this time and this is really the only way I see that happening! :)

How far along? 11 weeks

Weight gain? None! woohoo! The doctor really only wants me to gain 20 pounds so I am shooting for no weight gain in the first trimester

Maternity clothes? I have purchased one black dress that could pass either way but it is sooo comfortable. Funny thing, I also bought a belly band to get ready for when my pants are too I am wearing it to keep up some pants from before I lost weight. ha!

Stretch marks? Not yet, thank goodness

Sleep? ok, but I don't think the air in our bedroom is working!

Best moment of the week? Monday night Tom and I went walking and then I actually cooked dinner! I have been soo tired normally after work that I don't want to do anything but sleep.

Have you told friends/family? Um, yeah, not a very good secret keeper!

Movement? Not yet, can't wait though!

Food cravings? Right now, gatorade, yum.

Anything make you sick? My boss' coffee smell, ugh, makes me throw up a little in my mouth

Showing yet? I don't think so

Gender prediction? Tom thinks a girl, mom thinks a boy...I'm just not sure yet!

Labor signs? I had back spasms yesterday that I learned are from the ligaments in my back expanding, crazy stuff

Belly button in or out? in

Wedding rings? Still on

Happy or moody? MOODY until Monday...I may be turning the corner on this first trimester's to hoping so!