Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Wishful Wednesday...Diets

I wish' .... I had the willpower to

stay on one particular diet,

and it would be...
Ok, you all know I have been on Jenny Craig for about 5 months....I've done OK...I've lost 18. I wanted to lose faster than this but let's just say I definitely don't stick to the plan on the weekend.
For those that don't know Jenny Craig is REALLY easy but not that easy on the wallet. There are four weeks of "planned diets" that you begin with. You have a calorie level based on your current weight. My current level is 1500...although I must say I sometimes only eat based on the 1200 allows for my cheat days on the weekend!
Each day I eat a Jenny Craig breakfast which are usually frozen meals. They really are good! I have breakfast scrambles, blueberry pancakes, etc. You can also have a yogurt and one serving of fruit at breakfast but I usually save those for the afternoon when is my "weak" time.
About 10 am, I eat a Jenny Craig "vitamin bar". These aren't the greatest but they FILL you up and give you all the vitamins and nutrients you need for the day.
For lunch, I have another Jenny meal. In the afternoon, I usually have a yogurt and a couple of servings of fruit.
Finally for dinner I have another Jenny meal and usually some broccoli with light cheese sauce. I also even have a Jenny snack before bed!
As you can see, you really get all the food you want! I'm not ever really hungry. I have moved on from the planned meals and pick my meals. Like I said, I only do it during the week and for that reason, I feel I have been really successful. I know if I stuck to it to the letter, I would have lost much more by now. However, eating out with Tom is one of our favorite things to do and I'm not going to give that up!
The meal plan runs about $18 a day which if you are used to eating out at lunch, regular meals are almost up there anyway!
So now back to wishful wednesday...I wish I could give up the weekend meals but its not going to happen!!