Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Three in one day??? Halloween choices

So Halloween is one of my and Tom's favorite holidays. We can't wait to take Thomas trick or treating this I'm already looking at costumes. I thought for sure I would go with a pottery barn kids one since I have always loved theirs...

But then I saw all these OTHER cute ones!!!

Which do you think? I need help!

So..I thought I would catch up...

I have been wanting to do a little blog catch up with all that has been going on...

First SOMEONE is now six months old!

Can you believe it because I sure can't. Taking pictures in the chair this month was an adventure.

What are we doing mom?

Oh, wait there's my puppy dog down there...

Oops, distracted by my foot. Sorry puppy dog.

My foot is sooo funny!

Oh, you don't think I can get it in my mouth??

Bored again, let me get down to see my puppy dog!

Oh Mom you don't have a sense of humor!

Told ya I could eat my foot.

What I'm loving Wednesday!

What I'm loving Wednesday...

Of course, this little one!

He is the light of my life!

This little beauty I recently got...

I'm obsessed!

And finally...we are getting our pictures taken on Saturday by the talented Shannon Payne photography ( this is what I'm thinking for clothing options...

Have a great Wednesday!