Thursday, June 18, 2009

Let the blogging begin!

Ok, I said I was going to start this blog as an online "scrapbook" documenting mine and Tom's engagement period and new life together.....we got engaged on 3/6/ here I am three months later! Better late than never, right?

I'll just start with documenting June. It has been a busy month so far! Tom turned 37 on June 2nd...yes, 37! I can't believe he is that old! (no offense to anyone that age or above...he just seems 25!:)) We started the celebration off with a family birthday dinner at Pete and Sam's, his favorite! Now, if you us, you know that we don't really care for "sweets". Sooo, last year, I didn't get Tom a birthday cake thinking he wouldn't eat it anyway...BIG MISTAKE. I heard about it (jokingly) for three days and then one day after work came home to find he had gone and bought HIMSELF a birthday cake. I was NOT going to make that mistake this year!

If you can see the picture, Tom got a cookie cake AND a regular cake! Tom's family came, my brother and his family and my best friend Melody and her boyfriend. The service was slow but the food made up for it! Below is a picture of Tom and his sweet mom, Polly.

Tom is the baby of five...he has four older sisters! Below is one of his sisters Marta, her husband Chris and her son Sam.

So after the Pete and Sam celebration, I surprised him on his actual birthday with TWO, count em, TWO ice cream cakes! He can't say he didn't have a cake this year, by goodness. Hmm, I thought I had a picture of the cakes but oh well. That night I suprised him with a trip to The Melting Pot. We had never been together and each of us had only been one other time. It was definitely perfect as we go out to eat often but this was just something "different".

I hate the waiter taken photo of us but oh well. After Tom's birthday we moved right on to celebrate more with a couples shower given to us by his sisters and their husbands. As I mentioned earlier, he has 4 (!!!!!) older sisters. The shower was at his youngest sister's house (Laura). The shower was PERFECT. The weather was wonderful. They decorated everything so cute and On the Border catered. Everyone knows I LOVE OTB.

The pictures above are of Tom and his sisters, Me and my mom and brother and of course, us!We got LOTS of great stuff at the shower. My mom actually MADE us a cornhole set with my future name on it! We were WAY excited about that gift and have been playing it ever since!

Well this was an exciting post...not sure if I will have anything to talk about tomorrow!!!