Thursday, June 20, 2013

Wedding Recap Link Up

I'm linking up with Melanie and Holly today for share your wedding details. Tom and I were married on 8/8/09. We were engaged on 3/6/09 so I managed to plan everything rather quickly.
Here's the deal. I'm mostly happy with my wedding, except I wish I would have stuck to it and lost weight. I don't have one single wedding picture of me up in my house. I did love the details though!
Location: Le Pavillon, a converted house with cobblestone entrance...It was sooo hot. Like 110 degrees. Stupid hot. And of course the one thing Tom wanted was to get married outside....
Colors: I did a spring look with hydrangea blue, yellow and green. The green wasn't really as bright as the napkins below make it seem, the yellow either for that matter.

I was soooo angry about our cake. NOT at all what I wanted. I was disappointed in the caterer in all instances. She was NOT good.

The grooms cake was tool focused since Tom and I met at work, a hardware distriubtor (and Tom is known as a "handyman".)

The whole group of us. We each had eight attendants. This seems like a lot but you have to remember Tom has four sisters!!

Elle (my dog) was a flower girl herself.

We had three of our engagement photos framed and had everyone sign the frames as they came in. This worked out perfectly and we have all three hanging in our hallway at home.

Tom's mom was so excited to see him FINALLY get married (he was 37). It was also very special because one year later she passed.

Bridal Party: Tom's four sisters, my sister in law (brother's wife, my two best friends and wife of best friend from childhood)
Flower girls were nieces.

Groomsmen were three brothers in law, my brother, two of Tom's best friends and my two best guy friends from childhood.
Ring bearers were nephews.

 Ceremony sight:

 Ceremony sight converted for reception (you notice everyone is inside!!!)
As far as the first dance I really can't even remember what it was to! We left to bubbles.
Funny story, see all these buttons that were looped with a crochet needle? Well, a group of us went back to the hotel where we were staying for the night to "post party". Well I went to our room to change and join the party...alone. I got stuck in my dress and NO ONE would answer their phone to come rescue me. Tom finally came and rescue me only because they had ran out of beer :)

We left the next day for Jamaica, which is a whole story in itself :)