Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Is it August 8th yet? I'm soo ready for the wedding day to be here. Even more than that, I'm ready for the honeymoon! Tom and I both need a vacation. We are going to Sandals Whitehouse, Jamaica. Tom is not a very good flyer so I tried to find the shortest direct flight. We leave the day after our wedding and come back the next Saturday. Sandals Whitehouse was recommended to us by quite a few people because it is the newest Sandals resort and built to all of their specifications (instead of them buying a resort and converting.) I can't wait to eat seafood and lay out on the beach!

Today we went to Micheal's and got the ring bearer pillow and garter. I decided what was the point in spending alot of money for those two things that as many weddings as I have gone to, I can't remember one single garter or pillow. I'm also going to try to order the bridesmaids' gifts today. I have looked and looked for the perfect thing. I think I found it but no telling cause they could be reading this!!

Cathy, Tom's sister, is making our chihuahua Elle's dress for the wedding. Yes...she is a flower girl! She said she has just finished it and it is cute. I can't wait to see it! Tom asked recently if Elle was taking his name when we got married...I told him I would have to look into the American Kennel Association's take on "adopted" children. :)

I've started getting a little stressed on the "small" things left to do for the wedding. However, all I have to remember is we WILL be married after that day and that is all I really care about. Love you Tom!