Friday, April 2, 2010

Favorite Friday...celebrity couples

Favorite Fridays is all about favorite celebrity couples...mine is definitely Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck! They seem so down to earth and have the cutest two little girls!

Some quotes that I love from them:

Jennifer: "You steal the time. You steal a date, you steal a kiss, you steal a whisper," she says. "After the kids are asleep you … well, you know. Whatever it is. You slip away for a night."

Source: Catherine Donaldson-Evans. "Jennifer Garner Keeps romance Alive by Stealing." 1/21/2010.

Jennifer about marriage: "I don't have this fantasy about marriage anymore. Everyone says it takes hard work. Well, it kind of does -- and I'm much more pragmatic about romance than I used to be. [With Scott] I wanted to see him as a white knight and was crushed whenever anything normal happened. I wanted to be the princess. Now I'm much more willing to see myself as human and flawed, and accept someone -- the whole picture. My life is definitely changing for the better. I couldn't be happier or feel more comfortable with the direction it's going in."

Source: "Garner Realistic About Affleck Marriage." 8/22/2005.

Kevin Smith about their wedding: "They're in it for one another, not for anyone else. They didn't need or want a crowd. They just wanted each other."

Source: Karen S. Schneider, Lisa Ingrassia, Elizabeth Leonard, Maureen Harrington, Mark Dagostino. "Under the Radar ..." People Weekly. 7/18/2005. pg 54.

Jennifer about Ben: "He's really a gentleman. And he's not afraid to laugh at himself or you."

Source: "Wedding bells - and baby toys - for Affleck and Garner." St. Petersburg Times. 7/1/2005. pg 2B.

Ben about Jennifer: "I don't think she thinks that she is as drop-dead gorgeous as she is, and I think that is what gives her this incredibly appealing quality."

Source: "Wedding bells - and baby toys - for Affleck and Garner." St. Petersburg Times. 7/1/2005. pg 2B.

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Oh and I have to make an appetizer and a vegetable for our easter this weekend...any suggestions would be great!!! :)