Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Monday, March 29, 2010

BUSY weekend

It was a crazy weekend! We put our house on market Thursday night. Friday we had 3 showings, Saturday we had 12, Sunday we had one and we had another one today! Keep your fingers crossed!! All the showings are great but that meant we couldn't be home all that time.

Friday night we already had plans anyway. We went to Salsa, a mexican restaurant for Tom's oldest sister Cathy's birthday. I cheated on my diet and it really wasn't even worth it.  I tried something new...and it wasn't the greatest.

This is Cathy and her husband Jon

Linda and her boyfriend, Hani

Marta and her husband Chris

Laura and her husband Mark

Finally, me and Tom (I HATE this picture of me!)

The siblings

The whole gang

Saturday we had to be out of the house by 9 am! I had my Jenny Craig appointment where I lost 1.8!! Being out of the house didn't help my diet though. We had to eat out every meal. I tried to be a little smarter about it. IHOP actually has a simple and fit menu where I got egg substitues, turkey bacon and pancakes for 400 calories! It was pretty good too.

Sunday we had Tom's mom's birthday party. She is 84! She has had a really tough year. She was diagnosed with a rare disease, Wegener's. She is on lots of steroids so in these pictures her face is a little swollen. I think she still looks great though!

the nephews

Tom and our niece, Fontana (our last name)

Happy Birthday Cathy and Polly!


I thought I would do a quick fun ABC game today and I'll post about our BUSY weekend tomorrow!

A. AREA CODE : Memphis 901

B. BED SIZE: California really is bigger than a king!

C. CHORE YOU HATE: Is there a chore I don't hate would be the better question.

D. DOG'S NAME: Elle after Elle Woods on Legally Blonde

E. ESSENTIAL "START THE DAY!" ITEM: Diet coke and my jenny craig breakfast!

F. FAVORITE COLOR: changes...right now I'm loving some yellow


H. HEIGHT: 5'7

I. INSTRUMENTS YOU PLAY: um, none, zip, zero


K. KIDS: none currently but working on it :)




O. OVERNIGHT HOSPITAL STAY: tonsils out at 5, e-coli at 12, I think that's it...

P. PET PEEVE: bad grammar

Q. QUOTE FROM A MOVIE: I can never remember any movie quotes, seriously, I hear people going back and forth with movie quotes and I am so confused on how they remember these!!!! All I can remember is "Nobody puts Baby in the corner"! Ha!

S. SIBLINGS: older brother, Shane



V. VEGGIE YOU DISLIKE: olives? is that a vegetable? ha, so sad I don't know that.

W. WAYS/REASONS YOU ARE LATE: clothes don't fit right!
X. XRAYS YOU'VE HAD: teeth, knees, cocyx, probably more than that!

Y. YUMMY FOOD YOU MAKE: ......... fajitas!

Z. ZOO ANIMALS YOU LIKE: I haven't been to the zoo in forever but I always liked the hippos! :)

Friday, March 26, 2010

Show us your life cleaning tips!

Show Us Your Life with Kelly's Korner

My husband is going to fall out of his chair laughing when he reads that I am going to give advice on cleaning! Ha! I am NOT a cleaner.

However one thing that I have found that I LOVE is the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser!

These guys SERIOUSLY get up anything. Try them!

I also recommend one of these (patent pending):

My husband does ALL the laundry, the dishes, and usually picks up after my messy self.

Thank you honey for all that you do!!!

Headed over to Kelly's Korner to see if I can learn a thing or two!

Favorite Fridays....Favorite Comedy TV Show

Favorite Fridays

A girl in pearls and a boy with toys is doing favorite friday again with the topic of favorite comedy tv shows. I'm going to take this time to complain. One of my favorites is Ugly Betty.

Laugh if you will, but it's cute! It's not trying to be some serious drama, it's a light hearted fun show to watch. AND THEY CANCELLED IT. Now, Tom couldn't be more excited they cancelled it. He went as far as to say it was the WORST show on television. (He came realllll close to the couch that evening!) :) At least they are finishing out the season. Since they know it's not coming back maybe the writers will do something big...I would love to see Betty and Daniel together!

Oh well, I'll just pretend that is what happens! :)

Have a great weekend!!!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Top Three Thursday...Male Movie Hotties

I don't believe words are needed. (sigh)

You're welcome.

Thoughtless Thursday!!


So the idea of Thoughtless Thursday from

is to basically just post a picture/group of pictures with no explaining. Well I'll do VERY LITTLE explaining. These are from our honeymoon....and all I have to say is don't you love the typical one person honeymoon pictures?? :)

Go over and check out the rest at Life in the Fulmer Lane!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Wishful Wednesday...Purses!

'I wish' .... I could afford Louis Vuitton Monogram Galliera bag without putting a dent in my pocketbook!

That being said, I'm really not a designer handbag kinda gal. Don't get me give me one and I'm going to LOVE you forever but I really can't make myself buy one. MAYBE when I'm old and rich, right? :)

My purses usually run in the $60-$70 range and some of my favorites have recently come from The Limited!

Searching for this topic, I also found some cute stuff on the web. This is a cute little clutch for a formal event from White House Black Market.

I usually like a colored purse for that extra pop of color (as at work I wear mostly black/browns). I LOVE this red one I found. I have one very similar!

I'm really liking this yellow hobo too!

Wishful Wednesday may be getting my bank account in trouble!!!

Go over The Seattle Smiths and play along!

Have a great day!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Top Two Tuesday...things you can't live without!

The two things I can't live without... iphone!

I'm so obsessed with my iphone and I don't even realize it! Tom gave it to me for my birthday last year but now I think he wishes he hadn't! Its just so easy to mindlessly place games, check email/facebook, whatever!

And #2....

Diet Coke!

I don't drink coffee so my primary souce of caffeine in the morning is diet coke. I have to have it! I used to drink sooo many a day but now I am down to two! Two too many but I'm trying! :)
Go over to Undomestic Mama to play!

Monday, March 22, 2010

Am I really this old?

This weekend reminded me just how old I am! Friday night Tom and I had tickets to John Mayer. We rushed home, changed clothes and decided to go find a patio to eat dinner before the concert. We made our way over to the concert, which was GREAT! I may not be a fan of JM's personal life but he can perform! Sadly, we left the concert at 10pm, yes 10pm, because we knew we had a big day the next day and I didn't want to be grumpy. If that isn't old, I don't know what is!

Before we left the concert though, we made new friends! Jason and Tori from Arkansas sat beside us. Now I always talk about blogs I follow with Tom. I NEVER really thought he listened. Well, when Jason and Tori told us where they were from Tom commented that they lived near my "blogger person"...I realized he meant Kelly at Kelly's Korner...turns out Tori and Kelly went to OBU together. It truly is a small world!!

Saturday morning, we got up to go to a special 2 year old birthday party, my niece Eliza Grace!

EG adores Elmo and Abby from Sesame Street so that was the theme.

Her yummy ice cream cake


Mandy and her three adorable girls- Maddie, Anna Claire, and Chloe Beth

Present Time!

She LOVED the lounge chair her Mimi (my mom) got her.

She wasn't too excited about the present I gave her but hopefully one day she will be! I started the "add a pearl" tradition of giving her a pearl each birthday. That way by the time she is eighteen she will have a full pearl necklace her aunt Jodi and uncle Tom have given her!

Me and Tom at the party

Tom and my mom

Next up was ANOTHER kid birthday party. This time for my best friend Melody and Brian's sons Carson and Finley. Carson turned 8 and Finley turned 3! Below are three of their four boys: Miles, Carson and Christopher. I should have known I couldn't get a serious smile out of all of them at once!

The two birthday boys!

Gift Time!
 As you can imagine its never boring with all four of them!

All in all it was a great weekend with great friends! Now my old self just needs a weekend to rest from my weekend!