Monday, January 11, 2010

Long Lost Blog?

Ok, so I didn't blog for a while because I didn't know if I should go back to blog about certain things or just start writing from the present...and well, then days turned into months and now I'm 7 months behind! Since I decided to write this blog as a mini-scrapbook for myself, I am going to go back and write about certain events that took place in the seven months so that I can remember.

First event I am going to write about is a wedding shower that my cousin Pattie, cousin Debbie and aunt Sandy threw for me at my grandmother Be's house. It was the weekend before the wedding and mainly just a way for my extended family to meet Tom's family. Pattie outdid herself on the decor. I thought it was soo cute. Everything matched the wedding colors. The food was yummy too!

Pattie also got some sort of dessert from a pastry shop in Jackson that was delicious and beautiful!

Below is my mom, me and my grandmother, Be.

Below are the shower hosts, my cousins Pattie and Debbie.

My sister-in -law Emily and me...

Pattie also had a "quiz" on info for me and Tom. Below are some the shower guests working hard...:)

I remember that Marta, Tom's sister, won. However, after looking at the picture below, it looks like she was cheating (in the pink)! :)

Finally, I opened MANY MANY wonderful presents. It was a great Sunday afternoon!

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