Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Well, I will get back to the documentation of the rehearsal dinner/wedding later. I am missing too many fun blog things! Jessica at Love from Texas is doing a Tuesday list special. Today is what is on your wishlist... I am going to go for "never gonna get it" wishlist.

I would love a TAHOE!

For now, not gonna happen. I would also love a new HOUSE.


Ok, so that one is quite large but any size will do :) Finally, I would love an IPad! Tom complains about me being on my IPhone; I couldn't imagine how bad I would be with one of these!

Well, that's enough wishing for one day! :)

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Love from Texas said...

I'd LOVE a Tahoe and a house too! But hubby says we have to get the second before I can have the first ;)