Monday, March 29, 2010

BUSY weekend

It was a crazy weekend! We put our house on market Thursday night. Friday we had 3 showings, Saturday we had 12, Sunday we had one and we had another one today! Keep your fingers crossed!! All the showings are great but that meant we couldn't be home all that time.

Friday night we already had plans anyway. We went to Salsa, a mexican restaurant for Tom's oldest sister Cathy's birthday. I cheated on my diet and it really wasn't even worth it.  I tried something new...and it wasn't the greatest.

This is Cathy and her husband Jon

Linda and her boyfriend, Hani

Marta and her husband Chris

Laura and her husband Mark

Finally, me and Tom (I HATE this picture of me!)

The siblings

The whole gang

Saturday we had to be out of the house by 9 am! I had my Jenny Craig appointment where I lost 1.8!! Being out of the house didn't help my diet though. We had to eat out every meal. I tried to be a little smarter about it. IHOP actually has a simple and fit menu where I got egg substitues, turkey bacon and pancakes for 400 calories! It was pretty good too.

Sunday we had Tom's mom's birthday party. She is 84! She has had a really tough year. She was diagnosed with a rare disease, Wegener's. She is on lots of steroids so in these pictures her face is a little swollen. I think she still looks great though!

the nephews

Tom and our niece, Fontana (our last name)

Happy Birthday Cathy and Polly!

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Tom said...

Way to go on the pictures! I'm glad you posted these!