Thursday, July 21, 2011

Fourth of July

Fourth of July this year was busy! The Saturday before we had a cookout at my cousin Debbie's house. I made a treat I found online called rocket dogs. They were a hit with the kids!

Ok, so I thought they were pretty good too. Just hot dogs wrapped in crescent rolls put on skewers. Cook for the time the crescent roll package says, place cheese on top and tie a ribbon. Presto!

We were all decked out in our red, white and blue.

Thomas got to spend some time with his "B" (my only living grandparent).

Not long after lunch though, his red, white and blue had been discarded...only his bib remained...which I sewed! I have been starting to learn...just don't look too close! He's not really a fan of the sunglasses which is why they are so crooked.

Thomas also had his first drink of sweet tea...He was OBSESSED. What do you do? Aunts and Cousins SPOIL him.

Later that day we had a birthday party for our nephew Elliott. He turned four! This is Elliott with his mom and Thomas. We think he may have been a little jealous of his mommy's attention.

Laura always makes their cakes. I wish I was that good! Look at that smile he has!

Thomas also got to spend some time with Aunt Marta.

He LOVED playing with Elliott even though it was an hour past his regular bedtime. He is such a good boy!

The next night we had a neighborhood cookout that I attempted a red, white and blue cake for...

Well, at least it tasted good :). It started raining right when the cookout started but it cleared off and we were able to enjoy a little time. It was sooo humid though. The neighborhood association rents a big water slide. We can't wait till Thomas can play next year...or maybe I can!

If you doubted me at all about the humidity, check out my hair...ugh!

Finally, Monday morning, the ACTUAL fourth of July our neighborhood has the longest running parade in Memphis history. We decorated Thomas' stroller and walked in it. It was hot but fun.

Please excuse the hot mess on the left below.

At the end, a firetruck sprays the water for everyone to play.

It was a great busy weekend.


Tom said...

You reallize that you aren't helping your case in wanting to move out of our neighborhood:)

Amanda said...

I hate we missed you at the parade! We were in our yard; or running after Harrison:)