Thursday, July 21, 2011

No autographs

So we were local celebrities a little while ago. My sister in law's friend writes the "My new home" article for the Memphis paper each week. She has been wanting us to be on it since we moved in. I was not too game for it but decided oh well!

I think the article turned out pretty good. Check out the link above for yourself.

Here are the remaining pictures they took of the house. We are now in either the move to the suburbs and a bigger house or get a contractor NOW and add on decision far the hubs and I don't agree...

Our front den

Excuse the million bags at the front door and the baby swing!

Dining room

Back den

Thomas' Room

Front Bath

Teeny Tiny Kitchen

If anyone in Memphis has just bought a home and interested in being the subjects for this article, just let me know. She is always looking for more people!

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