Friday, July 22, 2011

Thomas' Baptism

Thomas was baptized when he was about three months old. Tom is Catholic so we decided to baptize Thomas Catholic. He was baptized at Tom's childhood church, St. Michael's. His godparents are Laura and Mark, Tom's sister and brother in law. The whole family came out for the baptism, as well as some great friends.

Our family of three :) Don't you love Tom's seersucker suit? Swoon. Thomas' baptism gown was Tom's dad's (who was 52 when he had Tom) so that means it is at least 90 years old.

My best friend Julie with her daughter, Savannah

Not a fan of the water :)

Afterwards we had an all out party/brunch in our backyard.

Before anyone had arrived

Thomas' aunt Marta MADE the gorgeous cake.

Mimi and her boy

My brother and his son, Barron

It was a wonderful day with friends and family.